Robbie Dylan’s Releases Debut 4-track EP ‘Was It Easier’

Robert Dylan Plecher, known professionally as Robbie Dylan, has released his debut EP, ‘Was It Easier’.

The singer, songwriter, and guitarist now lives in Nashville, but grew up in Bloomington, Indiana (with roots in California and the Pacific Northwest), before attending college in Minnesota, and the UK. This cosmopolitan upbringing has influenced his sound, which falls loosely between southern rock, pop, and Americana. Essentially, it’s a sound all his own.

Still only 24 years old, Robbie Dylan nonetheless has over 40 copyrighted songs to his name, and cites as his musical influences the likes of Oasis, Tom Petty, and Ed Sheeran. There’s a rawness to his sound, which further enhances his style.

Title track, ‘Was It Easier’, is an emotive track with strong guitar and powerful vocals, which show clearly both Robbie’s talent and confidence. No stranger to the stage, thanks to experience in musical theatre, as well as time spent sitting in with his father’s bar band, and his own time in England, where he performed in pubs.

Robbie Dylan will attending Americanafest in Nashville next week.

Find out more about Robbie Dylan online from his official website, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. You can stream his music on Spotify.

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