Les Stroud – ‘One Giant Farm’ (Warning: Graphic Imagery In Video)

Survivorman Les Stroud is no stranger to readers of Essentially Pop. His latest track, ‘One Giant Farm’, comes with a gorgeous, yet frequently graphic, music video.

That’s the whole point though – if Les Stroud confronts the viewers with the fates of our oceans, with the fragile ecosystems of the planet, and we have to face up to the troubling truth, then maybe we will do something about it.

‘One Giant Farm’ comes from Stroud’s upcoming ‘Mother Earth’ album. It’s impressive – thunderously so. His vocals, weary, yet ready for the fight, the guitar solos and the powerful message, all work together to show that the planet is a place more than just a hunting ground for humans: its other inhabitants are also deserving of dignity and respect. Stroud’s passion about his mission is so infectious – so much so that rock’n’roll guitar legend Slash was moved so much that he plays guitar on the track.

The video for ‘One Giant Farm’ is graphic, no doubt about that. Stroud takes the viewers onto fishing boats, where the animals of the sea – intelligent, charismatic – are slaughtered without compassion. We’re shown the unchecked carnage, and Stroud flashes facts in bold white lettering, facts which are just as unsettling as the images of sharks whose fins have been cut off, and then cast back into the ocean.

It’s not all gore – Stroud also celebrates the organisations and individuals who are fighting to save the oceans, such as Dolphin Project and Sharkwater Foundation documentary filmmaker, Rob Stewart, and Sea Shepherd. Stroud adds his own name to these champions of the sea, as he raises consciousness of the tragedy.

Find Les Stroud on his official website.

Watch the video for One Giant Farm’ here (remember graphic):

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