Vitasun – ‘Our Hearts’

Thailand is known as “Land Of Smiles” and that’s exactly what musicians Vita and Al Bo discovered when they moved from Siberia over a decade ago, in search of a better life and inspiration.

Vita has always been interested in music, with his first passion the drums, and he was playing in his first bands by the age of 14. At 23 he was making his own music, and was inspired by the likes of Michael Jackson, U2, A-ha, and DM.

Vita creates the melodies of their music, while Al Bo writes the lyrics, capturing the mood expressed by the sounds. Their latest release, ‘Our Hearts’, is a celebration of the unity of souls, taking hold of the idea that “that if you feel someone as an integral part of yourself, then despite the distance or joy or any troubles in life, you feel the same”. Music can unite people.

The video for ‘Our Hearts’, animated by GloriaFX, shows a love that’s been torn apart, but after a journey through a bustling city, the huge expanse of ocean, and a faraway island – eventually brought back together. Vitasun describes the video:

“They really made an amazing work by drawing alternate world matching to our perception of the song.”

Watch the video below. You can find Vitasun online on Facebook.

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