Generationals – ‘Breaking Your Silence’

‘Reader As Detective’, the new full-length album from Generationals, marries vintage pop with modern pop production in a way that the duo have proven to have a knack for. Their latest single, ‘Breaking Your Silence’, adeptly blends analogue and digital, its jogging rhythms a fine example of how Generationals enjoy breaking the rules.

The video for ‘Breaking Your Silence’ combines the bright lights of a roving digital billboard with the peaceful countryside, replete with farm animals, dirt roads, and plenty of greenery. We see a broadcast of Generationals performing on the broad side of the digital box truck, which injects a shot of brightness into the landscape. It’s a serene blending of visuals that uses slow pans and movement to lull the viewer into a sense of calm. While chickens, cows, and horses go about their business, the only ones remotely curious in the action in front of them is a pair of curious dogs that chase the truck down the road.

Find out more about Generationals from their official website. Watch the video for ‘Breaking Your Silence’:

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