Terry Light – ‘Lately’

Los Angeles based group Terry Light owe their music video for their debut single, ‘Lately’ to the fact that independent filmmaker Kailee McGee loved their track so much that she put it into her film, ‘The Person I Am When No One Is Looking’. This resulted in the already stunning song being given a deeper, more intense meaning.

It’s obvious that the clip is part of a bigger story, but still, the four minutes or so of ‘The Person I Am When No One Is Looking’ that make up the video for ‘Lately’, convey a passion that couldn’t have been shown if they’d merely commissioned McGee to make the clip for the song – her understanding and love for the track is obvious in every aspect of the clip; her dancing – she’s a performance artist after all – emotes beautifully the vision of the band.

Shot in the Highland Park district of Los Angeles, ‘The Person I Am When No One Is Looking’, is part of the award-winning Omeleto series of short films. McGee’s character is both victim and perpetrator, part of a culture obsessed with social media and follower counts, and yet at the same time wanting to show who she really is, but having lost track of who that person is.

Find out more about Terry Light from their Instagram account. Watch the video for ‘Lately’:

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