Nicholas Altobelli – ‘Odd Numbers’

We wrote about Nicholas Altobelli the other day, with his release, ‘Red, White And Blues’. Now here’s a second song from his ‘Vertigo’ album (out 2 August), the haunting Americana track, ‘Odd Numbers’.

Previously released on his 2014 EP, ‘Mesocyclone’, ‘Odd Numbers’ features Altobelli’s light voice accompanied by an anthemic instrumental which starts out softly and then rises higher and higher until it becomes a full blooded orchestral piece. There’s the very appealing Wurlitzer style organ bringing a sacred element to the track; the steel slide guitar pulling it back to its country roots; and the delicate drum and percussion, keeping the pace, and effectively giving the track, particularly towards the end, a vibe of urgency.

In our previous review of Altobelli’s song, ‘Red, White And Blues‘, we called him a modern day Woody Guthrie. Our opinion still stands, as in ‘Odd Numbers’ he recounts a tale of coming to terms with his past. He’s addressing old ghosts, he’s examining just where he went wrong. He’s confronting all these while at the same time making peace with his present, and looking forward to his future. It’s a song that we can perhaps all relate to – haven’t we all got ghosts in our past we could do with confronting?

Check out more from Nicholas Altobelli online on his Official Website, Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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