Momoh (feat Money Man) – ‘Wraith’

Based in Minneapolis, rapper Momoh has worked with some of the biggest names of that genre, and has now released his single, ‘Wraith’, ahead of his debut album, ‘Everything Happens For A Reason’.

‘Wraith’ is a high-powered RnB and Afrobeat flavoured rap track, with Momoh rhyming hard and fast against a flute and light percussion background.
The video is shot like a cinematic release, with credits, declaring it to be an Open World Film, and introducing Momoh and featured artist, Money Man.

‘Wraith’ focuses on the credo that life is too short to stress about everything, and the video clip carries this forward. Momoh raps about the good life with riches that can be spent on anything, and the scenes in the video cycle through, showing neon cellar clubs, a balcony above lit up street lights, and graffiti art. Momoh shares that his only priorities are living fast, risky, and carefree.

Stream and download ‘Wraith’ here. Check out Momoh online on his official website, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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