#Jedward Are ‘Extraordinary’ With Lyrics For Third Song Revealed

Many people consider Jedward to be extraordinary, and now they’ve revealed they’ve written a song by that name, releasing the lyrics for the track, the third from their upcoming album, ‘Voice Of A Rebel’.

Posting on their Instagram this afternoon, John and Edward published the lyrics to ‘Extraordinary’, a love song with a similar vibe (at least, from the words) to their 2016 release, ‘Hologram’. Differing from that song however, this time they’re working up the courage to tell someone how they feel about them:

“I like that you’re not plastic
When disaster strikes
You’re authentic and real
You don’t speak in code
You tell it like it is”

There’s some quite excellent lines in the song, such as

“Even though I can’t read your mind
I want to breathe you in and exhale your grace”


“Don’t you know I mean what I say
Cross my heart hope to die”

We’re curious to know what the music sounds like, but we know one thing for sure, when these guys fall in love, they fall hard, and the girl of their dreams would be treated like an absolute queen – in short, so far as romance goes, they’re extraordinary.

You can read all the lyrics here:

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Extraordinary My hearts on the line Even though I can’t read your mind I want to breathe you in and Exhale your grace My feelings run deep with you There’s better days ahead for us but I need to take a leap of faith and tell you how I feel before It’s too late I hope you’ll give me a chance 
So when the time comes I hope I’m ready to bare my soul to you Cause this is more than a feeling You’re a part of me and Together we could be Extraordinary They say everyone needs a hero and that’s what you are to me You make a better tomorrow and a brighter day I know that we could be Extraordinary 
I like that you’re not plastic when disaster strikes You’re authentic and real You don’t speak in code you tell it like it is I know you’re worth it all You’re burning through my veins you take me far away Don’t you know I mean what I say cross my heart hope to die I’m sincerely yours If you give me a chance I’ll never let go but if you don’t then that’s okay at least I got this off my chest cause i would go insane if I never told you I’m still hoping you say yes I know we could be extraordinary By John and Edward Grimes

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