MARIBASED1 – ‘Score’n’

MARIBASED1 is a true hustler and knows that to stay on the top of your game you need to work hard day and night. His latest video, ‘Score’n’, shows that he knows exactly what he’s doing, and is living right, in word and deed.

Right from the start, he shows how grateful he is to God that he is still alive, his rhymes giving him praise. Next however he sets straight his priorities, and displays his versatility as an artist, putting it on full display in this extremely hooky 3 minute earworm. The third single from BJ&J Entertainment’s 24Oz The Mixtape Vol. 2, ‘Score’n’ was written by MARIBASED1, and produced by Seattle’s DJ Funk Daddy.
The video, directed by Ife Adeniji aka Video Dope Dealer, sees Maribased1 kicking back by the pool, on a hot summer’s day, surrounded by a bevvy of bikini-clad beauties. Anything can happen on this sort of day, and it does – simple, colourful animations pop up, on top of the already sun-drenched scenes, which turn the women into mermaids, and him into a demon. Even though he’s loung’n, Maribased1 is still score’n.
Check out Maribased1 on Facebook, and Instagram, as well as his official website.

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