Happy Accidents: Jamie Lawson Exclusively In Coversation About His Music, His New Album, And Ed Sheeran

Acclaimed singer/songwriter Jamie Lawson recounts experiences of love, kindness and artistic struggles in fifth studio album ‘The Years In Between’ released on March 29th. In conversation with Malvika Padin, he reveals the recording process for the album recorded while on tour with Ed Sheeran, his desire to make up for lost time, the solace he finds in music, the highlights of his career and much more.

Is your music based on personal experiences or do you take creative liberties with it?

It depends on the song. It changes. On this album, the title track in particular ‘The Years In Between’ is very personal but tracks such as ‘The Answer’ are not necessarily so-but it certainly can be interpreted as being part of my day-to-day life.

How would you describe your sound, and how has it evolved?

I am a singer/songwriter. You can break down any of my songs to just an acoustic guitar and a voice. But from the ‘Jamie Lawson’ album to now, I think the sound has gotten more expansive with more electronic elements, but it’s never strayed too far from the original.

What was the recording process for the album like?

It’s actually one of the more famous records I’ve done in a way because I started recording it while I was tour with Ed Sheeran, and it’s a kind of explorative production during days off. It feels like it’s taken a long time to make.

Have you got a personal favourite track off the album? Why is it your favourite?

I really like ‘Take with You’. It’s got a great feel to it, the language in it. And it’s going to be a fun song to be perform live so looking forward to that. Other tracks like ‘These Troubled Times’ and ‘Where Have All The Good Vibrations Gone’ are more political, which is something I’ve never talked about before.

If listeners could take away one message from your music, what would you want that to be?

I take away solace from music, so I’d hope they take away the same. The feeling that you’re not lonely in the world, if they could feel that it would be great.

What is your biggest influence in making music?

For me it’s not a particular person, it’s the thought of wanting to make up for lost time because I think it took me a while to get anywhere, I’m only five albums in when I feel like I should be at 10, so I want to keep making more music and the feeling that I have time to make up is my biggest influence.

What’s been the most memorable moment in your career so far? What’s next for you?

Opening for Ed in Paris, playing at Berlin, my own upcoming tour are all highlights that remind me I’ve come a long way.

Name a personal favourite venue, and one you haven’t performed at that you’d love to perform at?

Playing in my hometown in the Pavilion, and you have to reach a certain level to do that. And I’d really love to be able to play at the Royal Albert Hall, that’s where my sights are set.

Describe your own life using your own song titles.

My last album was called ‘Happy Accidents’ and I think that pretty much sums it up.

What’s one song on your personal playlist you’ve had on repeat recently and why?

Maggie Rogers’ ‘Light On’ is a cool song. She seems to be genuine as a performer and that gives you hope that good people are coming through in pop music.

‘The Years In Between’ by Jamie Lawson, is out now through Gingerbread Man Records.

It is available here to stream, download, and as a CD and 140 gram black vinyl LP. Find Jamie Lawson online on his official website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, and YouTube.

Jamie starts his European tour on April 12 in Bern, Switzerland, before winding his way around the UK and finishing at Vicar Street, Dublin, Ireland, on May 12. Tickets and further information are available here.

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