Earthquake Lights – ‘So Far No Luck’

New York’s Earthquake Lights take listeners on an introspective journey in their new single, ‘So Far No Luck’.

The indie-rock band, who released their debut EP, ‘Bangups and Hangups’ in 2012, and recorded their latest album, the forthcoming ‘Distress Signals’, at the world-famous Abbey Road Studios.

‘So Far No Luck’ is dedicated to all of us who have tried and failed, who have put our hearts and souls into something but with nothing in return. We question why we continue, but realise we’re unwilling to give up, conveying frustration, defeat, doubt, and hope all at once.

The music video for So Far No Luck takes place in New York City, and in the opening shot, we see lead singer Myles Rodenhouse seated at the piano, deep in concentration before the noises of the city become too loud to ignore. He gives in to the noise out of frustration and heads out for a midnight bike ride to clear his head. We see through his eyes a world full of people doing as he does, just trying to get by. As he rides further, snow starts to fall and we see the bright lights and the crowded city start to disappear. The sun begins to rise, and he finally escapes the city and reflects on his journey in front of the ocean waves.

Find out more about Earthquake Lights on their official website.

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