Tice Griffin and Water District return with their latest single, ‘TAKEOFFYOURCLOTHES’, which comes with a brightly coloured music video.

The upbeat track is the follow-up to their single, ‘Dream With Your Eyes Open‘, which we wrote about last September.

In the clip we see the band playing in front of a white backdrop, which is intercut with a footage of three female dancers, dressed in vibrant colours and and equally colourful backgrounds. Split screen and interstitial scenes between the band and the dancers culminate in a final twist, which is that it’s the girls who are asking the boys to take off their clothes, not the other way around. It harks back to earlier videos such as those made by blink-182, and Britney Spears, but is in no sense old fashioned; it’s definitely a video about the hear and now, with the gender roles of the 90s turned on their heads.

Tice wrote ‘TAKEOFFYOURCLOTHES’ as an ode to the girl next door: she’s perfect in every single way, except that she’s no single. It’s a late 90s/early 2000s pop-punk anthem, and explores a theme we’ve likely all experienced, unrequited love.

Check out Water District online on Instagram, Facebook, and their official website.

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