Up And Coming Artist Chiara King Is ‘Dancing With Me’ In New Single

Chiara King is a 19 year old British singer songwriter, based in London. Her debut single, ‘Dancing With Me’, was released on February 24.

Chiara has been interested in singing from a very young age, and ‘Dancing With Me’ is just the start of her professional career, which has already seen her open recently for Jason Derulo in London.

Chiara King recently opened for Jason Derulo in London
Chiara King recently opened for Jason Derulo in London

Chiara’s musical inspirations include Latin and Urban Pop, which is evident in ‘Dancing With Me’.

‘Dancing With Me’ is the perfect vehicle for Chiara’s voice, showcasing her vocal versatility. The musical accompaniment is a strong but simple Latin rhythm, and Chiara is joined by Remo The Rich Boy, an up and coming Latin singer songwriter. The result is a great dance track reminiscent of those by Shakira, that will want you to get up and move your body.

The song comes with a video which shows a very confident Chiara waking up from her bed, which is lit by soft pink lighting. She’s thinking about her boyfriend, and later they go to the movies. There’s humour in the clip where we see the pair watching themselves on the big screen, as if they’re different people. Later, we see a video of the pair played on a retro JVC space helmet TV while segueing back to other scenes we’ve seen before. The lyrics are simple but effective, the repeated chorus of “All that I want to feel is you dancing with me” serves as a mantra, laying the base for the rest of the song.

‘Dancing With Me’ is available to stream and download from Spotify, iTunes and Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, and Google Play Store.

You can find out more about Chiara King online on her official website, Facebook, and Instagram accounts.

You can watch the video for ‘Dancing With Me’ here:

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