Top YouTube Channels For People Who Want To Explore Music


There comes the point in every person’s life where he gets bored with his music playlist, and nothing you’re finding is worth listening. This is the point where boredom hits one hard, and one remains clueless over which genre of music to hear to make himself feel good. One does not need to read the text from another person’s phone to explore music. Instead, these YouTube channels will make things much easier for you. Such music demands from the listener that they show passion towards music and explore the many dimensions it exists in. Let’s take a look into these channels:

World Has Post-Rock:

World has post-rock is a sensational YouTube channel with a large audience devoting themselves to post-rock music. The best thing about the world has post-rock is that it regularly updates its feed with singles and albums of various bands and artists. It has not devoted itself entirely to only one type of post-rock music, but its music ranges from Manon ‘meurt’ to ‘misto’. With an audience of more than 100,000 post-rockers this channel indeed is one of the most valuable channels for a post-rock music fan.

Captain Beefart:

Captain Beefart is one of those music channels which give its audience the music according to their taste, especially in derivative genres of rock and metal. Captain Beefart can also be the starter channel for you if you are giving your music playlist a hard shift. This YouTube channel tunes you to more bands than any other YouTube channel will. Either you want music to have a peaceful sleep, or you are looking for good background music to work with, you can surely find it on Captain Beefart.

Where Post Rock Dwells:

‘Where post-rock dwells’ is one of those YouTube channels which actually devote themselves to music. They aim at providing their audience with the most underrated bands and spicing up the music buds of its audience. You will find a variety of crazy instrumentals, shoegaze, and post-rock music like we lost the sea by departure songs. It continuously uploads new music, keeping a constant engagement with the audience and if you have a nice band which you follow you can always contact this page to find more music of these artists for you. They truly understand the meaning of music, which unites us all.

Stoned Meadow of Doom:

‘Stoned meadow of doom’ is a one-person operation, which started in 2013. Currently, it is not only a YouTube channel, but it has also launched a very special music group which goes by the name of SMOD Nation on Facebook. Stoned Meadow of Doom is a YouTube platform for all those music junkies who gave themselves away on doom and stoner bands. SMOD keeps its audience up to date and in touch with the latest musical work of their favorite bands.


One of the worst things about great music is that it is not only rare; it is conveniently out of reach. There are a lot of musical bands and artists out there whom you will never be able to hear on the radio, in a party or generally among a group of friends. You must look for them. Without knowing the target, your search for what it is that will just make sense to you.

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  1. Thank you for giving my creation a shout out here. SMOD is a huge labor of love for me, I’m beyond thankful it has impacted so many people in such a way.

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