Thousand Thoughts Eponymous Debut EP Out 29th March

Enfield-based quartet Thousand Thoughts make a bold and memorable statement with their eponymous debut EP set for release on 29th March.

Starting off the 4-track production with ‘This One’s For You’ the foursome establishes their strength in vocals, as lead vocal Ethan Smith’s booming voice soars, blending with splendid instrumentals.

The band celebrates a combination of genres including nu-metal, pop-punk and alt-rock, and ‘Perspectives’ with its thumping beats and powerful rap verses highlights these influences with stark clarity, before the slow melodic beginnings of ‘Focus’ takes you on a haunting lyrical journey.

Final track ‘Ignite’ is a typical pop-rock tinged offering, which admittedly comes as a disappointment after the high that ‘Focus’ leaves you on. The track builds slowly as it wavers and loses its way, fortunately finding its way back for an impressive, soulful end.

The lukewarm soundscape of the last song does not take way from the brilliance of ‘Thousand Thoughts’. It does not make it any less bittersweet when the record comes to an end, as you are left craving and hoping for more.

And such a want can only mean great things for the quartet as they tackle the complexities of mental health with melodic fervour and heartfelt delivery. Thousand Thoughts – both the EP and the band themselves- is made for success and they are on the path to achieving it.

Thousand Thoughts comprises Ethan Smith, lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Jack Botterill, lead guitar and backing vocals, Matt Morrell, bass guitar and backing vocals, and Jed Johnson, on drums.


March 22nd – Courtyard Theatre, London
March 30th – West End Centre, Aldershot
April 20th – Howlfest – Exchange
June 1st – Marshall Live – Milton Keynes

Find Thousand Thoughts online on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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