Following Major Label Stint, Rie Fu Prepares Visuals For ‘Mirror’

Having lived in Japan and had a long stint signed to Sony, Rie Fu (pronounced Ree-ay Foo) is now returning with a new found sense of musical freedom.

Rie’s upcoming debut album ‘Places’ sees her forge a new musical path, taking her electronic sound to a more organic, pastoral place, reflecting her move from the neon lights of Tokyo to a small rural UK town.

This exploration of how her cultural surrounds have affected her music  is something that has fascinated Rie to the point where she has written a dissertation on the subject:

From quirks of dialect to inside jokes to good old British cynicism and moaning about the weather, her studies in both music, philosophy and linguistics have highlighted that both music and language go far deeper than what is merely verbalised.

Japanese bands fail to sound like Oasis and Radiohead, even though they copy the riffs perfectly, because they haven’t been utterly depressed under the grey skies of Britain.

The new video for ‘Mirror’ follows the life of a young girl seemingly alone in London. Rie describes it as

A powerful story with a very intriguing ending, representing the spiritual existence and reflection of people close to us.

You can find out more about Rie online on Facebook, Twitter, and her official website.

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