Fiona De Vos – ‘When Will I See You Again’

‘When Will I See You Again’ is Fiona De Vos’s first attempt at pop songwriting and recording. She is however a classically trained singer, and has already released two albums – ‘Mahal na Likha’, a full length set of art songs, and ‘Kundiman’, an album of Philippine love songs, with heartfelt music and lyrics.

Outside of music, De Vos is dedicated to the arts and culture of her homeland, and has even written a guide to Tagalog, one of the languages of The Philippines, spoken by a quarter of the population.

‘When Will I See You Again’, with its dramatic, wildly romantic video, shot by Lisa Punz, tells a story of two lovers whose passion continues – transcending the centuries and many lifetimes. The clip weaves together two parallel stories, one set in a modern day European city, and the other in the shadow of mediaeval castles.

Fiona is clearly quite comfortable on screen, playing both a modern woman, and an old day princess. She’s completely convincing as a romantic heroine, and when she recognises her lover her astonishment is completely believable. Fiona’s voice is absolutely exquisite, and the track is the perfect showcase for her talents. We hope she adds more pop songs to her repartoire.

Visit Fiona De Vos’s official website.


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