Waterfall Wash – ‘Colors’


From Nashville, Tennessee, Waterfall Wash are a four-piece fuzz pop act, whose sound blends lo-fi, and ambient white noise, with a more hi-fi synth pop aesthetic. Their latest single, ‘Colors’, is enchantingly shoegazy and catchy.

At just under five minutes long, the single, ‘Colors’, comes with music video to match the mind-bending-ness of the song. Michael Roddy, lead vocalist and guitarist, is seen running from people in masks, and enters a forest where he crosses paths with his bandmates; drummer Chris Hauser, Marshall Dunn (bass player), and keyboard player Ellice Evans. Nobody notices each other however, and this adds to the discordance and slightly uneasy feeling to the clip, which also features a hazy style of videoing, as well as oversaturated colours. We’re left clueless even right to the end what he’s running from – or has he been searching for something? The band explains:

Colors is a bad dream inspired by rhythmic chaos and the anxiety of love.

You can check out Waterfall Wash on their official website. Watch the video for ‘Colors’ below:

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