The Metro Fantastic Set To Release Latest Single ‘There’s No Place For December’

Hailing from The Philippines, The Metro Fantastic (aka TMF) have been busy recording and writing their latest single, ‘No Place For December’, which they’ve released, not in December, but on Valentine’s Day, February 14.

The single is the latest to be released from TMF’s first EP, ‘The Metro Fantastic, Vol. 1’. It was produced and recorded by TMF themselves, with most of the instrumental tracks laid down in the home studio belonging to vocalist Carlos. Drums were recorded in Michael’s studio, and keyboards and orchestral work were recorded in Choi Padilla’s studio. Cholo Hermosa, director of 15D Studios, Marikina, mixed and mastered the EP.

‘There’s No Place For December’ is a down-tempo, piano-led ballad, with scant guitars and other instrumentals. There’s a retro, 80s, early 90s feel to the track, and it’s a departure from their usual, “in your face” beat and groove-driven sound.

Speaking about the song, lead singer Carlos said it was already completed, but he felt it still needed something more:

I’m such a big fan of Sasaya, the vocalist Cyrus is actually a good friend of mine so I was able to make that call – be on the record, and he said yes. I’m lucky. The ladies: Leanne and Naara and Zsaris, that’s family so it was a non-discussion in my head: We HAVE to have them on the track. When I wrote the hook, it didn’t really feel natural to come from a guy so that’s that. They came over to my place, recorded it, then we ate pancakes.

TMFs sound is best described as a blend of funk, rock, pop, and hip-hop, and their live shows are known for their high energy, with the group’s aim to push the limits, with every performance at 100 percent, with no thought to the size of audience or regard to the venue.

You can find out more about TMF online on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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