Lisa Danaë Releases ‘Glutton’, The Fourth Single From ‘1445’ Project

Lisa Danaë is back with ‘Glutton’, the fourth single to be released from her ‘1445’ project. Set for release tomorrow, February 8, Lisa is the “feast” addressing her lover as a glutton.

Speaking of the single, Lisa says,
Maybe it’s that dessert, that additional cocktail or that relationship that you just can’t say “no” to. It’s a new year when most people are focused on strengthening their will power and bettering oneself. How ‘bout we celebrate for another month or two and let the gluttony continue!
‘Glutton’ was co-written with Lisa’s project collaborator, a girl named jaen, and the pair talked about the experiences they’ve had with people they just couldn’t quit – or at least they tried to: they’d keep bumping into them, and asking themselves if there was something they were being tested about. It’s by no means a happy song, but it’s certainly something we can all relate to.
You can find Lisa Danaē online on her official website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. Stream and download her music on iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify, Amazon Music, SoundCloud, TIDAL, and BandCamp.

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