Juliana Hale – ‘Cupid’

Released in time for St Valentine’s Day, Juliana Hale’s new single, ‘Cupid’, is her first new track since her EP last year, ‘Small Talk’. California native Hale is now based in Nashville, and her sound is unquestionably pop but with an old-fashioned honesty and clarity.

‘Cupid’ is raw and naked; stripped back of anything synthetic, its instrumentation is just piano and cello to support Hale’s sublime vocals. There’s nothing to separate her emotions from the listener: it’s deeply immersive, and the message of unrequited love is one that we can all relate to. It’s a love song but not in so many words.

For the video for ‘Cupid’, Juliana called upon the assistance of filmmaker Jake Parker, who was responsible for the very colourful clip which accompanied ‘Overrated’. Unlike the preceding video however, ‘Cupid’ is shot in high contrast black and white, with footage captured in a studio, and everything exuding elegance. The focus is on Juliana’s face as she sings into the microphone, plays piano, and is overseen by her producer.

You can find out more about Juliana Hale online on her official website.

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