Ashley Wilson Wants To ‘Paint The Sky’

Based in San Francisco, Ashley Wilson’s new album, ‘Paint The Sky’, will immediately strike you as somehow very familiar, while at the same time, something you’ve never heard before. Jazz-influenced, with a touch of pop and country folk, there’s bound to be a song for everyone on the album.

Reminiscent of Norah Jones’ style on her debut album, ‘Come Away With Me’, Ashley Wilson evokes confidence and sass with every note. It’s a very pleasing album that will quickly become a must have, as soon as it’s released on March 1.

Title track, ‘Paint The Sky’, is a beautiful love song, with the idea of running away and forging a life together with the person of your dreams; throwing caution to the wind, making a new life, daring to follow your dreams. “We’ll never know unless we see this here love was meant to be”. It’s fitting that Ashley did the exact thing herself, when she left her successful tech marketing career, in order to follow her dreams of singing.

She’d been a performer from a young age, but stopped when she went to college, and in her late 20s, put her musical ambitions on pause, in order to work in tech marketing for startups in Silicon Valley.

I would always hear this little voice inside of me telling me to sing,” Ashley reflects. “It eventually got too big to ignore.

Eventually, she worked up the courage to perform again, and started gigging on a regular basis with a jazz trio, at clubs in San Francisco.

The 11 track album, ‘Paint The Sky’ is set for release on 1 March. You can find out more about Ashley Wilson online on her official website, Facebook, and Instagram.

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