R&B Artist auréal Set To Release Latest A Single ‘me&u on cloud9’

New RnB artist auréal plays on words with her name, implying that her voice will be a an experience our ears will appreciate. She’s not wrong, and her new single, ‘me&you on cloud9’, set for release on February 8, is indeed an aureal experience.

‘me&u on cloud9’ is auréal’s take on new-wave RnB; she’s taken her inspiration from the classic movies and a love of the world of romance. You can hear that she’s been influenced by a lifetime of listening to the likes of Mariah Carey, Aaliyah, and Janet Jackson: her vocals are light and airy, with a strong RnB style. The crackling at the beginning of the track calls to mind dusty old records, of the sort that might be played in a 60s romantic comedy film. Picture Sandra Dee pining for Tab Hunter, and seeking solace in her record collection.

It’s not all about other people’s ideas however; auréal manages to combine her RnB love with hip hop and soul as well, and infuses the dreamlike quality of the track with a beautiful vocal which runs to a glistening falsetto pitched high enough to take us to cloud9 – and back again.

You can find out more about auréal online on Instagram and SoundCloud.


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