Kelsy Karter Goes All The Way For ‘Harry’

Almost exactly four years ago to the day we introduced readers to Kelsy Karter, who had run away to Los Angeles from her homeland of Australia to make a name for herself in music. We’ve always wondered how Kelsy was going, and so we were very pleasantly surprised to hear she had a new single out, dedicated to Harry Styles, and called, appropriately enough, ‘Harry’.

Kelsy has taken her affection for Mr Styles a step further however, and in an effort to get him to notice her, has apparently, got herself a tattoo of the singer on her cheek:

Kelsy Karter Harry

Will Harry notice her? Time will tell. While she’s waiting for a response however, we can tell you that the song named for the former X Factor and One Direction star is fantastic – it’s a very retro, Amy Winehouse-esque track, and there’s a distinct SoCal flavour that shows that Kelsy has definitely made LA her home, and has no plans to go anywhere else – unless it’s with Harry that is.

You can find Kelsy Karter online on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Harry Styles – please take note!

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