Hillhar Releases New Single ‘Will I’

Hillhar is an electro-pop trio, from Israel. Their new single, ‘Will I’, was released today, 28 January.

A song which addresses the complex relationship artists have with the spotlight, having to constantly to strive for success and recognition:
You know I want it so bad
But I go around the walls
It’s the one thing that I cling to
But I’m too caught up to recall
But it’s never enough
Will I ever know rest?
Will I ever ask?
The song is accompanied by a futuristic/Western style video, produced by Amit Einy, a director making a name for himself in Israel. The clip fully expresses the band’s musical style and their influences, and fits perfectly their 80s tinged electronica sound.
Hillhar comprises Louharya, on vocals and keyboard, Assaf Twina, on keyboard, vocals, guitars, computer, and ovaltone, and Dar Bachar, on vocals and guitar. The band came together through the a musical belief which saw music as a tool to bring people together. They seek to use music to awaken consciousness, create inspiration for all those who will listen, and to bring a message of change.
You can find out more about Hillhar online on their official website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and SoundCloud. Stream ‘Will I’ on Spotify.

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