‘Get It Right’: Phebe Edwards Shares With EP About Her Life, Music, And Years And Years

North London soul singer Phebe Edwards has recently released single ‘Get It Right’. In conversation, she tells us more about the single, about touring with Years and Years, her influences and more.

What is the inspiration/message behind ‘Get It Right’?

‘Get It Right’ is greatly inspired by a collection of 90s RnB music. It takes you back to the TLC, Aaliyah, Eternal, SWV days! Those head bopping, shoulder shaking days! The song interprets the yearning for trust to be re-established in a relationship. Can we ‘Get it right’ after being hurt by each other? Can the relationship be restored to what it genuinely was after heartbreak?

How would you say your sound has evolved over time?

I believe my sound has developed from being so heavily influenced by a gospel sound. My delivery is more versatile and I’ve started to mix my strong vocals with a softer approach, without losing ‘myself’ over the recent years.

If listeners could take away one message from your music, what would you want that to be? 

My listeners will always be able to relate to what I write and sing about. I write about my experiences. Listeners will be able to embrace the interpretation of an emotion and I aim for the delivery of the melody and lyrics to make them feel like they have been able to express themselves too. I endeavour to express myself but allow others to express themselves with me.

What has the experience been like touring with Years and Years?

Years and Years are a lovely band. So much fun! We have travelled around the world and shared so many great experiences. They have been so supportive in giving me the platform to express myself and showcase my talent and it’s so beautiful of them to do that!

Is there a personal favourite venue or place you’ve performed at? And are there any that you haven’t performed at that you’d like to perform at?

One of my favourite places that I have performed at to date has been the Royal Albert Hall. This was with the beautiful Gabrielle. There is something about that venue that just fills my skin with goose bumps! Even to just watch a concert there does the same. It’s a privilege that I’ve had the opportunity to stand on that stage and perform. Also, most recently my breath was taken away at the O2 arena. Years and Years gave me the opportunity to sing a solo, whilst strutting down a catwalk, to nearly 20,000 people. Being centre stage, and looking around that venue, singing my heart out took my breath away. I’d love to perform at the Apollo Theater in New York someday!

Who would you say are your influences or inspirations, both professionally and on a personal level?

Professionally I am greatly inspired by Fantasia Burrino. Her drive, her story, her delivery during her performances. When I watch her perform I feel every word. She touches me because there are some things she has been through that I can relate to. Her songs and performances help me to keep pushing. Whitney Houston is another great inspiration for the same reasons. On a personal level, a collection of “golden nuggets” from both stories and empowering phrases from the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Iyanla Vanzant and Maya Angelou have all inspired and helped me to keep my head above the water and fight with the right mind-set and make the most of life despite negative circumstances that could occur.

What’s been a really memorable moment in your career so far and what’s next for you?

To be honest I have had so many memorable moments in my career to date, I cant possibly choose “just one”. From being able to travel the world doing what I love, to singing a solo with and for the legendary James Brown, to receiving a platinum plaque/disc acknowledging my contribution to my work in the industry. The list is endless! I’m really privileged and fortunate. 2019 I will be doing my first headline show!

Stay tuned on all my social media and via my website. I’m really excited about what I will be revealing and bringing to life.

Finally what’s one question no one asks in an interview you wish you were asked? 

I’m a tea lover! So, “How do you make the perfect cup of tea Phebe?”

Find out more about Phebe Edwards online on her official website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and SoundCloud.


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