Dario Distasi – ‘Stuck In Here’

Manchester UK rock artist Dario Distasi comes in with all guns firing on his latest single, ‘Stuck In Here’. Although he comes across with the savvy and skills of a long time music veteran, it’s actually his first proper single release and video.

With a pumping rock solid beat and a passionate performance, dario Distasi is setting himself up to be a name and voice to remember. His independently released EP, ‘Nowhere Avenue’, showed listeners a furious yet focused collection of modern rock songs, produced by the award-winning, Nashville based Drew Middleton, who toughened and deepened Dario’s sound, and gave his vocals and incredible guitarplaying plenty of room to stand out. From the very start right it’s a song which grabs hold of you and doesn’t let go until the final note.

Singing about the stagnation in relationships, Distasi leads with candor and pulls no punches: he takes no prisoners and leaves no survivors. Still, there’s an underlying tenderness and sympathy to the track laying beneath his fiercely demonstrated frustration. The video for ‘Stuck In Here’ was shot by fellow Mancunian Mat Johns, who’s best known for his much lauded apocalyptic short film, ‘A Father’s Day‘, as well as the moody travelogue, ‘Run‘. Johns brings to this, as with his other films, his own sense of colour, light, and pacing, and creates an overall enticing clip.

We start out in the bedroom of a couple in distress: they still love each other but the spark is gone. Photographs of a past they can’t quite recapture are seen, we catch a glimpse of how they use to be. It’s only when they leave the house, with Johns’ camera following behind, that we see the sun shining again, and are given the hope that something might be able to be salvaged of this relationship. Distasi and his band are playing in the loungeroom, providing a ferocious soundtrack, to what is otherwise a very intense, and emotionally charged, clip.

Check out Dario Distasi online on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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