Codewalkers – ‘Part Of The Pride’

Cardiff-based brothers: Producer, Ben Dabson and Guitarist, Dafydd Dabson, have been making noise together since before they could talk. Codewalkers was formed in 2016 when they recruited vocalist Seun Babatola to provide a message to their music. The trio were joined in 2018 by Bassist Chay Lockyer and Drummer Aled Lloyd.

Their music is a mix of rock, rap and reggae. Ambitious in scope and featuring a mix of live and electronic instruments, it moves from catchy reggae hooks to hip-hop grooves. Often drawing on his childhood experiences in Nigeria, lyricist Seun Babatola can cover serious issues in his writing – gender, violence, societal expectations – but the music is always full of life and energy. It makes you dance, it makes you think.

Seun says of their new single ‘Part of the Pride’:

I was looking to write something with subliminal positivity. Breaking chains and making moves is a common theme across the musical spectrum, because everybody has faced some sort of struggle. This track simply reminds you that every problem you faced brought you to where you are now, and that no matter how alone you sometimes feel, you are still part of someone’s pack, someone’s pride. Even if that pride is just a bunch of music junkies twerking at the club or smashing through the mosh pit.

‘Part Of The Pride’ is out on February 15. You can find Codewalkers online on their official website, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, and Instagram.

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