Multilingual Trip Hop Artist Bonnie Li Returns With New Single ‘I Want You To Die’

After receiving praise for her new EP ‘Plane Crash’ multilingual trip-hop artist Bonnie Li returns with ‘I Want You To Die’, taken from her debut studio album ‘Wǒ Men’.

Accentuated with a music video that explores the sublime drama of relationships, the track has a pulsing bassline and a tragically-comic atmosphere. It’s more pop, rock’n’roll and fun than her previous productions, as she seamlessly blends the ballad soundscape with soaring vocals.

Speaking of the name of her 2019 album ‘Wǒ Men’, the dark pop artist said,

“In Mandarin ‘wǒ’ means I/myself, ‘wǒ men’ is translated into ‘we/us’; and if you skip the space in between it gives you ‘women’, I wanted to play around with that.”

Part biographical, and part fictional, the single and the forthcoming album both explore the emotions and fears the artist has experienced in the past.

‘I Want You To Die’ is a perfect taste in a new era of Bonnie Li’s ever-evolving music.

Watch the video for the single below:

Stream ‘I Want You To Die’ on Spotify. Find Bonnie Li online on Facebook, SoundCloud, and her official website.

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