Lucas Ray Exp – ‘Reveries’

‘Reveries’ is the lead track from Lucas Ray Exp’s debut EP, ‘SPHINX’, a collection of songs which capture the influence amazing guitarists and prog rock and metal composers have had on his music.

Born in São Luís, Brazil, but raised in various other cities in that country and the US, the one constant in Lucas Ray’s life was his guitar.

‘Reveries’ captures perfectly Lucas’ influences and inspirations, as well as his very diverse upbringing. The video is set in a dark room, lit only by a single light, and begins with a smooth guitar, vaguely jazzy sound, switching between tempos and melodies, all the while soothing and pleasant. He switches it up just as we might be getting complacent, with a full on prog rock vibe. ‘Reveries’ fully exemplifies Lucas’ talent and guitar prowess, a gorgeously slick demonstration of all the styles he celebrates in his music.

Find out more about Lucas Ray Exp on his official website.

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