DYK – ‘Trashcan’

DYK’s previous single, ‘The Procastinator’, looks at those who wait until it’s too late before taking active choices to change their lives for the better. Their new single ‘Trashcan’ takes that ones step further, and screams to the world that the time to act is now.

With inspirations including the likes of electronic, rock and pop groups from the 80s, including The Police, Rush, Depeche Mode, and more, DYK (“Do You Know”) began as a production project by writer/producer/drummer, JE Zerpa. Wth the base idea of music being an agent for change, Zerpa joined forces with bassist Oscar Fanega, and together formed the foundation of the prog-infused rock outfit.

The video for ‘Trashcan’ splices individual performance shots, over a varied backdrop of lights, cityscapes, and ambient textures, with an overall cry to the world that the earth isn’t meant to be treated like a garbage dump. The worst part of it all is not just that the world is spiralling out of control but also that so many are indifferent about it all.

The single features special guest vocalist Rudiger, who belts the track out with a Chris Cornell-style wail, and a monumental vocal performance. Usual DYK vocalist, The GHOST is still making his presence felt in the video, wearing a crash test dummy outfit, perhaps in a suggestion to mankind that maybe we should be bracing for impact.

Check out more about DYK on their official website.

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