Sin7 Release New Single ‘Erased’ With Creepy Music Video

Sin7 comprises Rev Bliss on vocals, Nelly on guitar, and Hammer on drums. The trio were formed in 2012 in Twin Cities, Minnesota, but each member has over twenty years of performing and touring experience from their previous bands, meaning that combined they know exactly what it takes to keep their fans happy. ‘Erased’ is their latest single, and comes with a music video which features footage that looks like it’s from a horror film.

Each of Sin7’s songs is carefully crafted, with each note and lyric placed in exactly the right spot to complement each other one. Their live show is also designed to grab your attention and leave a lasting impression. The same can be said of the music video, which opens with a woman walking down a corridor in a creepy abandoned building. As she does she opens windows in doors, revealing the band members rocking out, but at the same their faces are hidden by masks. As if this wasn’t creepy enough, a demon makes his way along the hall, creeping along, trying to kidnap the members of Sin7. It’s quite an uneasy clip, shot with a sort of shaky, wavering, unsteady quality to the clip, making it more realistic, documentary-style, and therefore, all the more terrifying.

Check out Sin7 online on their official website, and Facebook account.

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