Ryan And Pony – ‘Fast As I Can’

Indie pop group The Melismatics have been a fixture of Minneapolis for the past ten years, and two of their members, Ryan and Pony, have started releasing music as a duo. First single, ‘Low’ draws from contemporary hits, while the follow-up, ‘Fast As I Can’, exemplifies all their compositional strengths.

The video for the song shows the pair as cartoons: rocking avatars who battle evil spectres in a fantasy landscape. For a while, it looks dicey for the pair. But magic – true music – always comes out on top.

They’ve matched the video to one of the best songs they’ve ever written, and they’ve written plenty of great ones with the Melismatics. ‘Fast As I Can’ is catchy, it’s witty, it’s melodically inventive, and it drives its chorus home with absolute conviction. It draws equally from contemporary hits, throwback new wave, oddball ’80s college rock, Motion City Soundtrack-like fizz-pop, and electronic music. The track is propelled by drummer Peter Anderson, who has played with The Honeydogs, The Ocean Blue, and Run Westy Run. Together, they’ve crafted a song that absolutely suits the pace and feel of anime – a dizzy, hyper-kinetic thriller that hurtles toward a wholly satisfying ending in a gorgeous blur.

Check out Ryan And Pony’s Facebook page for further info about the duo and their music.

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