Michael Rank’s ‘This Love’ Is The Perfect Song For That Special Someone

Michael Rank has been making spirituous indie rock, punk, folk, and pop since fronting Snatches of Pink in the college rock boom. A veteran of both Mammoth Records and Caroline Records, his trail of fans include writers from Trouser Press and journalists in high places.

His latest album, ‘I Fell in Love with You Tonight’, is a sleek affair, and we mean the pun. Stripped down from his multi-disc previous release, ‘Another Love’, had a long lost weekend quality about it, where Rank found a new sound literally synthesizing raunchy dance music and smooth pop he loved in his youth, before punk took hold of him.

A key component of his new sound is the co-recording and production assist of Brian Dennis, a guitar player from the band DAG, which released their debut on Columbia in 1994. Rank wrote all the songs and home demo’d ‘I Fell in Love with You Tonight’ in his rural abode, and then brought it in for Dennis and he to play with in brilliant ways. This musical brotherhood has spawned an album that sounds like the lusty days of hanging out at the discos after hours – and yet sounds like a new genre that could help bring organic passion back to produced pop.

Watch the video for ‘This Love’, the first single from ‘I Fell in Love With You Tonight’, and consider giving the full length to someone of your choice who still loves to spin glorious and gorgeous funky music on their home stereo.

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