Julia Othmer – ‘Purple and Gray’, And ‘Bring Peace For Christmas’

Los Angeles based artist Julia Othmer has released a double whammy with the videos for two songs, ‘Purple And Gray’, and ‘Bring Peace For Christmas’.

The video for ‘Purple And Gray’, directed by James T Lundie, will sweep you away, particularly the final shot. Lundie directs the camera to rise above the waves of a beach, while Othmer wades into the water and lets the surf flow over her. Gradually the perspective widens, as if attached to a hot air balloon, and being allowed to climb hundreds of metres into space. At the end, the shot is so far above Othmer, her head resembles a black pinprick.

‘Purple And Gray’ features on Julia’s upcoming album, ‘SOUND’, and it’s a great example of what she does so well, with ambiguous and suggestive lyrics, and a beguiling arrangement.

‘Bring Peace For Christmas’ also comes with a video shot by Lundie, and is a stop motion animation. It’s a fun clip with Othmer’s vocals and lyrics the perfect antidote to all the woes in the world and the same old Christmas songs we hear every single year.

Find out more about Julia Othmer online on her official website.

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