Earthquake Lights – ‘Choke ’em Up’

Earthquake Lights, from New York City, put a different spin on modern rock, with their love of both heavy guitars and softer tones, and inspirations including the likes of Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Beck, and The Who. Their debut album, ‘Distress Signals’, is out early next year and was recorded first at Douglass Recording, Brooklyn, and then Abbey Road Studios, London.

The video for their latest track, ‘Choke ‘Em Up’, was recorded live in studio at Douglass Recording, and gives a visual aspect to their heavy hooks and melodies. Comprising Myles Rodenhouse, Cameron Underhill, Evan Douaihy, James DiGirolamo, and Stephen Helms, Earthquake Lights is a band made up of consumate musicians. All of them started playing musical instruments at an early age, and eventually crossed paths in college, brought together by similar tastes in melodies, harmonies, and tones. The influence of classical music and jazz is evident, as well as a love of the heavier side of rock.

Find out more about Earthquake Lights online from their Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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