David Haerle – ‘Glendale’

We’ve covered other singles from David Haerle’s debut, ‘Garden Of Edendale’, with its spirited presence and clearly accomplished style. And so the Los Angeles based artist returns with his newest release, ‘Glendale’, with a video shot at the legendary Sunset Studios, in Hollywood, the same recording studios which have been used by Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, and Prince, among others.

David’s voice, with its 70s vibe, is perfectly Los Angeles in every way. Sounding sun-drenched and laid back, the song captures a nostalgic feeling which you can almost touch. David sings about Glendale; not just the locality in LA, but a place we can go back to in our minds, where we remember all the great things, all the stuff that makes us smile: lost loves, good times; our very own personal Glendale.

Find out more about David Haerle by visiting his official website.

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