Alt-Pop Electronic M1NK Release Latest Single ‘eBomb’

After meeting through the wonders of the internet, alt-pop electronic duo m1nk release their brand new single ‘eBomb’.

Made up of Barry Snaith from Wakefield, England and Erika Bach from Ithaca, Greece, this duo found their way together through Soundcloud. Barry’s background plays around with many genres, from alt-pop and industrial soundscapes to French cabaret and Dubstep, while Erika worked with garage-rock.

Despite the varying musical realms, the two found themselves producing dark lustful lyrics, which can sometimes be assembled Their influences come from the artistic minds of David Lynch, Bernard Hermann and Francis Bacon. m1nk’s new single ‘eBomb’ mirrors this.

The song is rippled with fragments of love, hate and ultimately betrayal, appearing slightly hypnotic at times echoed through the continual repetition of lyrics throughout. The music video fits the confusion of such similar relationships shown through the blurring of bodies and faces within. A relationship seemingly filled with torment and torture – truly an ‘emotional bomb’.

The track will be released on November 14th via Seja Records. m1nk can be found on Facebook.


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