MaWayy – ‘Blame’

We’ve worked with MaWayy before, the collaborative project between Los Angeles native Brian Wayy, who’s won Emmy Awards for his TV show compositions, and has remixed the music of Paula Abdul, Rod Stewart, and Diana Ross, among others – and Iranian Masoud Fuladi – aka Caspian Beat, one of his country’s most successful electronic musicians.

Their single ‘Wrong’, released last year, lit up dance floors all over the world, and was hailed by Huffington Post as “sizzling electropop”. We had some good words for it too, saying it was

“It’s easy to picture it played at a party, on the open road, in the gym, and especially at the beach.”

MaWayy return with ‘Blame’, which comes with an animated lyric video. The clip is hypnotically exciting, with the words seamlessly integrated into the action. The song itself is straightforward and strong, not mincing words. The duo mean for you to get moving, and singing along as quickly as possible. It has a super catchy melody, an awesome vocal performance, explosive beats, and a death defying drop. So far the track has seen 1.4 million YouTube views and 1.1 million Spotify streams, as well as chart performances at number 42 on Billboard and the number 1 spot on WCPY’s ‘Dance Factory FM’ station, in Chicago. It’s also been featured on ‘Mint’, Spotify’s biggest Electronic Playlist.

Both Brian and Masoud appear in the clip, albeit as animated illustrations. The clip is a thrill a minute, with song lyrics hanging from the sides of tall buildings, as a car speeds through the city. We see a stairway made up of words ascending to a great blue yonder. There’s images implied by the verses – a rope, a struck match, a clock, and a great big brick wall – all of which become canvases for MaWayy’s writing. At the drop, a huge red “ME”, shadowed like Stonehenge, hovers in a bubble – and hands of blame, formed from letters, point directly at it. There’s no mistaking what the song’s message is all about.

Find out more about MaWayy online on their official website, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Stream and download ‘Blame’ from iTunes and Spotify.

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