Be The Bear x Goldhouse – ‘Ruler’

Be The Bear, alias of Swedish artist Christina Wehage, has united with American DJ Goldhouse making the ultimate team for their goose bump provoking track, ‘Ruler’.

Be The Bear’s inspired and adhered music-mind is dominating the music industry headfirst with her playful, electric themes. She is the founder of Loud Attic Records and is about to burst out of Scandinavia as the next big artist.

Alongside the exuberant and “good time” beats as Goldhouse, this new concoction of artists has conquered the electronic, pop sound.

After her single debut ‘Erupt’ was released last year and her other release ‘I Don’t Want To’ in early August, nothing has even come close to disrupting her reign of success.

Infused with bouncy beats and electric synths, harmonised with Wehage’s husky yet animated tones, ‘Ruler’ has been composed. With the same boldness as Sia, passion like Florence + the Machine, and hypnotic moods like Bjork, could you ask for more befitting vocals for Goldhouse’s production style?

As Be The Bear described, the track was “fun, easy and natural” to create. The track sings colour and summer days. Lively and spirited, it couldn’t not tempt you get up and dance. Watch this space for Be The Bear x Goldhouse.

‘Ruler’ is available to stream and download here. You can find Be The Bear online on her official website, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Check out Goldhouse on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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