Angela Josephine – ‘Go Easy’, And ’40 Days’

Angela Josephine began her musical career back in 2002 when she appeared at a Border’s Open Mic in Northern Michigan. She weaves motifs and melodies with a celtic theme throughout her songs, and her latest tracks, ‘Go Easy’, and ’40 Days’, reflect this, and the videos were shot in Northern Ireland.

Directed by Belfast-based director Helen Rollins, and choreography by Ireland’s Maureen Butler, the clips emphasise Angela Josephine’s close relationship with the Emerald Isle.

‘Go Easy’ is a duet between Chris Bathgate and Angela, and continues a long term artistic relationship between the pair. Bathgate has also produced the track, which was recorded in Ann Arbor and Detroit. The clip was shot in Riddel’s Warehouse, an historic building in Belfast, long associated with the cast iron trade. Irish actor Phil Dixon plays the part sung by Chris, and joins Angela in a stately but emotionally suggestive dance in the old industrial building.

’40 Days’ sees Angela Josephine standing on the edge of the earth as it were – the rugged cliffs of Northern Ireland, with her dulcimer, playing as the Irish sea blusters and churns below her. It’s an aesthetically striking clip, and you can almost feel the fresh sea air as you watch.

Find out more about Angela Josephine on her official website.

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