Hip Hop Artist Montaz Releases Single ‘Fuck Ya’ll’

Montaz, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, released his latest track, ‘Fuck Y’all’ on June 8 this year.

Taking his inspiration from the artists he listened to from the age of 14, Montaz says he could always relate to the passionate lyricism from the likes of Wu Tang, Big L, and Eminem, and listening ot ‘Fuck Y’all’, this influence is instantly obvious.

The hip hop track was produced by Inna Attic Crookz, and finds its theme in the artist’s personal troubles with family members, as well as addressing his issue with the way people in general seem to be carrying themselves at the present time. Montaz opens up about his writing process, and says that it helps him to stay on the right track, and focus on making decisions he won’t regret: in effect he sees it as theraputic.
‘Fuck Y’all’ will be instantly recognisable as a true hip hop track, having a distinctive beat which unites the entire track, verses and choruses, the latter in turn enticing and encouraging the listener to join in. The instrumentals are compelling and in combination with raw emotion of the lyrics, make for an incredible hip hop track.
‘Fuck Y’all’ has seen an incredible 909 thousand streams on SoundCloud alone since its release, and combined with the large number of comments on the track, it’s clear that it’s struck a chord with many people. It’s the lead single for Montaz’s mixtape, ‘Da Underground’, set for release on October 21. This precedes his album, ‘Darkness Amongst Nations’.
You can find Montaz online on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

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