Baby Raptors – ‘Warriors Of The Weekend’

Baby Raptors have released a Brooklyn-born and bred slice of electro-pop fun and abandonment with their latest track, ‘Warriors Of The Weekend’.

Reminding us of the synth-pop style of the early 1980s, ‘Warriors Of The Weekend’ has a catchy melody and lyrics which detail the joy and release when finally escaping the oppressive drudgery of the workplace – or classroom – and exchanging it for a weekend of pleasure, fun, and gratification.

Baby Raptors have performed right across the USA to many enthusiastic audiences, and have seen their popularity spread to Europe as well, particularly the UK and Germany, with extensive radio play and glowing reviews. Their eponymous debut album, released in 2016, featured the first ever fully Augmented Reality album cover, while their video for the song, ‘Strings’, featured world chamion yo-yoist, Gentry Stein.

You can stream ‘Warriors Of The Weekend’ on SoundCloud, and check out Baby Raptors on their official website, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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