Trip Hop Artist T.O.N.T.O Goes ‘To The Edge’ With New Single

Set for release on 3 September, London trip hop artist T.O.N.T.O’s new single, ‘To The Edge’ is a psychedelic hip hop masterpiece.

T.O.N.T.O marches to the beat of her own drum with her haunting vocals, heavy beat, and psych rhythms. She takes her inspiration from the world of art, music, and the theatre, and her songs are an aural feast.
Tellng a story comes naturally to T.O.N.T.O, so therefore her lyrics flow as easily. ‘To The Edge’ stems from the idea of a woman being pushed to her very limits, and T.O.N.T.O took this forward with the help of her producer, Elliott Gonzo. She takes her inspiration from artists such as Goldfrapp and Lana Del Rey.

T.O.N.T.O has considerable support from her fans, with over 13 thousand followers on Instagram. She’s also played at impressive venues such as Underworld, and Soho House.
‘To The Edge’ is out on 3 September and will be accompanied by a music video. You can find T.O.N.T.O online on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Hear more of her music on SoundCloud.
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