RSPCA And ‘Isle Of Dogs’ Encourage You To Rehome A Dog

The RSPCA and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment have joined forces to recreate a scene from the Wes Anderson canine caper ‘Isle Of Dogs’ to mark the film’s release on Blu-ray™ and DVD out 6th August. The collaboration is aiming to encourage animal lovers to rehome a dog, where the summer months see an average of approximately 74 dogs abandoned every day.

RSPCA: 74 dogs abandoned every day in summer months

Photographer Linda Blacker herded celebrity dogs Marcel le CorgiCockapoo MarleyDoug the Therapy Pug and Steven the Frenchy to support Staffordshire Bull Terrier rescue dog, Emily, in an ‘Isle Of Dogs’ inspired photoshoot to help raise awareness of the thousands of dogs that are abandoned every year.

RSPCA: 74 dogs abandoned every day in summer months

Just like Chief, Duke and Boss in the film, sadly thousands of dogs are left to fend for themselves across England and Wales. The RSPCA received close to 20,000 calls about dogs last year alone. The volume increases over the summer months with an average of approximately 74 dogs abandoned every day throughout July and August.

Dermot Murphy, who heads the RSPCA inspectorate team, said:

“Summer is the busiest time of year for RSPCA inspectors, especially dealing with dogs which have been abandoned because their owners have gone on holiday or they’ve decided they don’t want the responsibility of a pet anymore.”

He continues,

“I never fail to be amazed that despite being let down by people how loyal, loving and forgiving these abandoned dogs are – they all have unique personalities, just like the gang in Isle of Dogs. Last year the RSPCA centres and branches rehomed more than 8,500 dogs but there are still more in our care that need loving homes like Emily.”

To find out more about how you can rehome a dog just like Emily, please visit the RSPCA’s official website.

Isle of Dogs is available on Blu-ray and DVD 6th August.


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