KURT VILE – ‘Loading Zone’

Originally with The War On Drugs, Philadelphia artist Kurt Vile has come out of his shell as an effortless rockstar and solo artist. His latest track, ‘Loading Zones’, comes with a video set in his hometown.

Kurt has always accepted himself as an outsider, and found his niche as a solo performer, releasing seven records since 2008. He’s featured on Billboard’s Top 200 several times, including ‘b’lieve i’m going down’ reaching number 40, ‘Walking On A Pretty Daze’ at number 47, ‘Lotta Sea Lice’ at #51, and ‘Smoke Rings For My Halo’ hitting the 154th spot. Signed with Matador Records, his psychedelic record artwork is the perfect image for a festival headliner, and his natural storytelling talent is highlighted in his songs – this is no less the case with ‘Loading Zones’.

The video has been directed by Drew Saracco, and shows Kurt accumulating tickets as he drives through Philly, parking in front of various loading zones, and nonchalantly defying the local constabulary. The track perfectly encapsulates his rebellious nature: quietly defying authority in his “dirty town”. Eventually Vile abandons his car altogether and leaves his town behind.

Find out more about Kurt Vile online on Instagram, Facebook, and his official website.

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