Kristy Chmura – ‘Abandoned House’

New Jersey singer songwriter Kristy Chmura shot the video for her latest single, ‘Abandoned House’, in a friend’s beautiful Victorian home, situated in Bloomfield, New Jersey. She makes a commanding presence at her harp, playing with complete authority.

In the video, Kristy spends most of her time in a room haunted by memories. She paces the room, across the wooden floorboards, leafs through a box of letters she finds under the bed, and sits at an old table. There is a haunting object in the room with her, a white sheet draped over an object of human size. It looks very much like a ghost, particularly from the shooting angle chosen by director Rob Fitzgerald, also responsible for her previous clip, ‘Nothing’s Right’. Chmura walks to the object, and dramatically reveals that it’s in fact, a harp.

Chmura is a dedicated student of folk and classical harp, as well as a teacher, and director of New Jersey’s Summer Harp Camp. ‘Stained…Glass Heart’ is her latest album, and on it she demonstrates her prowess, and her considerable skill with the instrument.

Find Kristy Chmura online on Facebook, and her official website.

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