Karen Atkins – ‘Slip Slidin’ Away’

Karen Atkins has recorded a beautiful cover of the 1977 Paul Simon hit, ‘Slip Slidin’ Away’. Her obvious affection for the legendary artist is evident, the influence his music has had on hers is immediately apparent.

Karen’s original music is coloured by her compassion: she sings of ordinary people with ordinary heartaches and joys, their struggles and triumphs illustrated beautifully by her poetic lyrics and melodies.

As well as being a musician, Karen Atkins is a natural health expert and healer, and in tune with the well-being of her listeners, and she pays special attention to the frequencies of her instruments, calibrated at A=432, instead of the standard Western frequency of A=440. It’s claimed that such a frequency provides stress relief, healing, and internal harmony, and those who attend her concerts testify to this.

In the video for ‘Slip Sliding Away’, Karen is in a treehouse in the middle of a forest, where she plays guitar while communing with nature. Her idyllic retreat conveys a serenity, and her treehouse provides a vantage point from which to watch life around her. The video in many ways serves as an answer to the song, providing comfort for the troubled and dislocated characters and their predicaments.

Find out more about Karen Atkins online on her official website.

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