Biting Elbows – ‘Love Song’

With a name like Biting Elbows you’d be right in thinking they’re not your traditional indie band.

Having a decade-long discography filled with themes of dark undertones, Biting Elbows knows how to put together songs that convey a message. The Moscow based group get their inspiration from the likes of Sublime, Pixies, The Smiths, Rancid, The Clash, Franz Ferdinand, Pearl Jam, and Violent Femmes – and yet they still manage to have a distinctive sound. The Ilya Naishuller (Hardcore Henry) directed video for their 2013 release, ‘Bad Motherfucker’, went viral, and opened them up to an audience in the USA, and they’ve released a series of singles to moderate acclaim in the following years.

Biting Elbows’ latest track, ‘Love Song’, is a finely crafted sonic masterpiece dripping with metaphor, while the video adds a new diension to the song. This clip has been directed by Lado Kvataniya, a long-time collaborator of the band. It’s not just a bad romance, it’s an utter disaster: both parties trying to put back together the pieces of their relationship in order to work out where it all went wrong. It’s violent, gory and gruesome, but at the same time a beautifully cinematic masterpiece.

Find out more about Biting Elbows online on their official website and Facebook.

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