Albert Hammond Jr – ‘Far Away Truths’

As the rhythm guitarist for The Strokes, Albert Hammond Jr has acquired a great knowledge of the music industry, which he’s used to great effect with his fourth solo album, ‘Francis Trouble’, released in March this year.

The album takes a look into a deeply personal topic for Hammond. He explores the effects on his life and music of the stillborn death of his twin brother Francis.

The video for his single, ‘Far Away Truths’, was directed by his wife Justyna, and shows the him performing in front of a colourful backdrop, with shadows, silhouettes, and kaleidoscopic effects created by Tobias Rylander.
Speaking about the video, Hammond said,
“Sometimes making music videos takes months, sometimes weeks, I do it in days. I was lucky to work with my wife, Justyna, directing, and the legend Tobias Rylander creating visuals that echo the ‘Francis Trouble’ album art.”
The video is set behind a white backdrop, with the lights transitioning to a variety of colour. He swings his mic with shadows and silhouette’s morphing and evolving. The video gives an insight into his awakened vulnerability.
Albert Hammond Jr will be touring the UK in September. Tickets and further details available here. ‘Far Away Truths’ is available to stream and download here.
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